Ali Gordon

A little more you time

Weekends bursting with free time are a thing of the past, There is always a to-do list and one that is forever growing, Which is a good thing I suppose, it keeps us occupied and focused. Having said that taking on to much work and over loading yourself with all the tasks life brings can create a large amount of stress leading to health issues and other implications. I make a conscious effort to make time for myself and my little family, Its important to have a good work ethic and be productive in your working life as much as it is equally important to have time away from it. I love spending time shopping and fine dinning it’s certainly a happy place for me. It gives me a relaxing break from the hectic day to day lifestyle. So please think twice about making time for yourself, its an investment you won’t regret. – AG

Top – SikSilk     Glasses – Tom Ford     Chain – Chained & Able     Jeans – Asos     Shoes – Ralph Lauren     Watch – L&J