Ali Gordon

Autumn Winter Essentials

Scarf – Top Man     T-Shirt – All Saints     Vest – Diesel     Watch – Micheal Kors     Chain – Chained and Able     Bag – Vintage Gucci     Jeans – Distressed Zara     Shoes – Top Man ( Celine inspired)
The speed of time is forever increasing with age it seems and yet again we are fast approaching another winter, for me winter means big warm cloths, lots of layers & hot beverages, not to mention the seasonal markets and festive treats we have to indulge in.
Autumn being so unpredictable for weather here in the UK wrapping up warm in a huge fur coat may be a little premature. So my Autumn winter essential is the Scarf hands down. It can be a great accessory to any outfit with such a practical function. A few little tips to keeping that cold at bay would be layered clothing simply because it can be easily removed hidden or used to bring more dimensions to a plain outfit, Finally the holdall you see slightly indirect with its function to keeping the core of your body warm but as a great accessory it offers the opportunity to carry more items with you. If the temperature drops coats, gloves, hats are just a few items to mention that can be easily thrown on. Preparation is key, a friend once said to me “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad choice in clothing” taken with a pinch of salt I say, but I can agree with the direction in which he was going.
I must mention the Gucci bag Featured in this post holds a huge amount of sentimental value to my partner as her Grandad once walked the streets of London & no doubt many cities around the world, this was one of the pieces out of the whole collection he had acquired during his years as a extremely hard working business man, it is a honour to have the opportunity to showcase such a beautiful vintage piece & i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.