Ali Gordon

Back To Business | Mens Fashion

As the lockdown rules continue to ease we are starting to get back to business….it seems. It feels good to bring some level of normality back to our lives and to start proactively moving on from the “life on pause” feeling. I would like to off course at this point acknowledge that I am generalising here and am only speaking based on my own experience of these last few weeks/months.

It’s important moving forward that we stick to the guidelines and do as advised as best as we can. For me it’s back to photography and it’s back to doing what I love doing – creating content. There is of course still a level of limitation on travel however I like to think there is beauty outdoors closer than we think. These shots in this blog post were taken nearby to where I live and the sunlight has really made the location pop.


Being back in business seems like a line from a film and even though it has a very literal meaning I think there is a feeling to it as well. You feel back in business and you are back in business. These are two states of being. It’s like having your swagger back or finding your inner confidence again.

We’ve got a long way to go until we are even close to something resembling normality for a number of us and sadly it seems that any version of normality we knew may have to be re-thought as a new normal emerges. My hope though is that as many of us as possible can get that back in business feeling. I think it comes with that bit of drive and that bit of purpose. Both so key for daily motivation.

For my back in business look I’m rocking ECCO’s new Vitrus Mondial Collection handcrafted in Portugal and made using premium leather. A great buy for special occasions and that back in business feel.

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Suit :

Plain – HERE

 Double Breasted pin stripe – HERE

Tie – HERE

Tie Clip – HERE

Pocket Square – HERE 

Shirt – HERE 


Take care and stay safe