Ali Gordon


Cardigan – HM     T-Shirt – Reiss     Watch – Fifth Watches     Jeans – Top Man     Trainers – Adidas Y-3 
Simple comfortable & clean cut is how this outfit made me feel. I’m loving the stretch fabrics companies are using more and more regally at the moment they just feel so so easy & make wearing skinny or slim fits more achievable hahaha, sometimes the stiff style denims are super uncomfortable to walk around in the quad region as there’s no give. Next time you’re out hunting denims take a feel of the different fabrics being offered, even a textured coating can cause a jean to fit & feel so differently. Being a man I am partial to shrinking the odd item of clothing every now & then so I need to be super careful with stretch fabrics as there very susceptible to shrinking up, avoid the tumble dryer & hang dry seems to help prevent such disaster, I will keep reminding myself of this as I pull out Items that look fit for a 6year old haha.  Take care – AG