Ali Gordon

British Boy | Adapting To Your Environment

As Autumn approaches the energy of plants move down into their roots to restore and build energy to see themselves through the winter months, the change in our natural habitat adapts to tolerate the changes ahead. Much like our environment us as humans transition on a regular basis to overcome and survive a range of diverse obstacles. Many of us will face a major transition in life such as :

These are a few major transitions that can be extraordinarily painful and disruptive in an individuals day to day life. The particular transition a person is undergoing may make almost anything else hard to think about, especially if elements of betrayal, crisis or trauma are associated.  Simultaneously, the individual may have only limited time to think about alternate possibilities for the future, especially when thinking about a major new direction, this can result in us feeling disorianted and out of touch of our reality. The key to working through transitions stems from our mental perspective focusing on the larger picture and focusing on positive progression rather than reflecting on the negative motion causing us to make change, it comes back to adapting to our environment.

Not all transisitons are as traumatic as the above some in fact are actually enjoyable and we often have time to prepare for these transitions more so than the above, Such as fashion and dressing for the occasion, as the colder or warmer seasons transition so does our wardrobe in parallel, It gives us a chance to try new styles and explore different looks. We also tend to change our eating habits and go for deeper more heart warming dishes in the winter season and lighter courses in the summer months. It’s fascinating how we adapt to our environment without a second thought and it really is the key to balance.