Ali Gordon


Even when trying to plan this post I struggled to clear my mind. I got wrapped up with too many ideas that I couldn’t merge together and what should have been a normal amount of time to create a blog post has taken double the time!

Sometimes I wish it was as simple as in the Matrix with a blue pill and a red pill except in this instance it would be to stay with a cluttered mind or to free your mind. That would be really useful.

This all came to mind recently as I was thinking about meditation via Mark Whittles Take Flight podcast because people have told me meditation is a way to control your thought, be present in the moment and take control of you and who you are.

So, what do I mean when I say clear the mind. Well, I find that overtime too many thoughts build up as there are things to remember, work, family, friends, goals, ambitions to name a few. Thinking about these fills your mind like a container. No matter how big the container is it always has a maximum capacity and even though I know this I can’t help myself from breaching the capacity for mine time and time again. We all have that voice in our head, this chatter that can sometimes talk us into positivity or negativity but ultimately allows our thoughts to run wild and with this metaphor – overfill the container.

It seems easier to look after your physical health with the gym, cardio, skincare, grooming etc because we don’t (or at least I don’t) think about the mind in the same way…and we should.

How to clear the mind – Like many things we have to find what works for us as individuals. For me it’s long walks in the woods or in the countryside by myself or with Lydia. No phone, no music, just me (and Lydia). Walks allow great moments to think in peace and be in touch with nature. 

I’ve found however that alone this isn’t enough. Like physical health, the mental side also takes repetition of the right practices with adequate rest in between. In this instance, the right practice for me is the disciplined blocking of chatter in the mind whilst I’m out walking. I’m not always successful with this and it’s got easier with more practice but actively stopping this chatter allows your mind to empty. This emptying helps your mind to be clear and in future focus on what you want to focus on with the right clarity. 


I know that in these strange times getting out isn’t possible and so I have sometimes used soothing, calming, slow paced music to slow the speed of active thinking filling up my head aiding a greater sense of clarity. There are great playlists on Spotify and lot’s of movie composers work can be put into this category. 

It’s strange but when you get this right and clear your head – your head can seem lighter as the metaphorical weight of clutter in your mind is slowly removed.

Let me know how you guys clear your mind and in the meantime stay safe.

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