Ali Gordon


Not long ago I ask you for some suggestions of topics you’d like to see covered in a blog post. One of these was coping with work pressure and anxiety, so I thought I’d dive right in.

I would like to start by highlighting that I am no expert on this topic and being completely honest I continue to work on implementing tools to effectively deal with pressure and anxiety. I haven’t found an easy fix and I doubt there is one. With this in mind, I would suggest that anyone struggling with work pressure and anxiety not only talk to their close friends and loved ones about it but also seek advice. There are lots of sources for help. Personally I have found podcasts & books a great source for understanding sociology, psychology and consciousness.

An important quote to remember by Lao Tzu

” If you are depressed you are living in the past, If you are anxious you live in the future, If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

My most progressive moment in self awareness and development to deal with stress, pressure & anxious moments is to simply be aware of my thoughts, to understand I am not my thoughts, they simply offer up a suggestion for me as the observer and decision maker to deal and action with them. Your emotions are driven by your thoughts and your thoughts are controlled by you. This is a very short and vague explanation on a slightly deeper and more complex ideology to understand why and how we feel certain emotions. If you can grasp the understanding of your true awareness and be conscious in the present moment you can systematically overcome your emotional behaviour. After all we often have two choices, to accept or to act upon a situation causing these emotions we hold onto. Acceptance is you coming to peace with a reality, actioning being your work towards bettering or changing a situation.

Speaking purely from my own experience I have often found that doing something and taking action helps me with work anxiety. If I start getting worried about what will be required and how much I am going to need to do I find that jumping in and doing something, anything, helps me feel better. Many of you will be familiar with Will Smiths story about the Wall? One brick at a time. (take a read or listen If you haven’t heard his story already, it’s a great analogy)

It allows me to feel like I am being proactive about the project or tasks and prevents me from allowing myself to overthink.

Once you get started often worries can disappear or reduce. Meeting a challenge head on can often be my best way to reduce anxiety about that challenge.

In particular when it comes to anxiety I like to remember this quote “No amount of anxiety makes any difference to anything that is going to happen.”


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