Ali Gordon

Denim To Last

Denim has been around for decades and there no signs of that changing in the future, It’s timeless and it’s safe to say we’ve all got a pair in some shape or form, in our possession, and that is exactly why buying a good pair of jeans should be top of your hit list when building a well rounded wardrobe.

With that in mind we want our denim to last in both the durable and style sense of the word.  Superdry  have developed the perfect functional yet trend driven collection which provide an array of well crafted styles to suit every build and identity. I personally opt for denim 75% of the time whether it’s for casual dressed down days or often those times you want to smarten things up some-what, as I’m sure most of you are by now aware, I want to feel comfortable in my outfits and I have a few simple rules for ensuring I do so when it comes to not only comfort but style also.

The Fit

I’m extremely particular when it comes to the fit of my jeans. I like to have a slightly lowered crotch with the leg tapering in to the ankle, I find the fit of skinny jeans vary from brand to brand so it a good idea to keep a look out for those brands that work for and run with them.

The Fabric

As mentioned I like my jeans to be a skinny fit and this can sometimes compromise on functionality, so I always look out for a fabric with a slight stretch in them it gives the denim that wearability and makes investing in higher end brands and styles much more feasible. Gotta get that C.P.W.

The Wash

The wash of jeans is where I get to switch up my game a little more and experiment. It’s important to have a wide variety of colours and washes to suit every possible outfit choice so whether it’s a smarter jet black pair of a Summer sun bleached out pair of vintage oldies, you are likely to find them in my wardrobe.

The Brand

Branding is a pretty personal yet fundamental aspect of picking the right denim for you. For me personally I look for a more premium denim as I know I want them to last, Superdry are known for there durability alongside with there Vintage Americana and Japanese infused graphics there designs are also trend lead but with an urban street vibe.

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This post is in collaboration with Superdry however all views are my own.