Ali Gordon



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This Dolce & Gabbana LongSleeve top has traveled a fair few miles, It was accumulated in the old school fashion of hand me down haha, there is nothing wrong with taking on such a stylish piece, Thats what true mates are for right? the UK is still finding it hard to decide weather it is going to stay warm or just run through a cycle of all weather conditions in a 24hr period, So having a lightweight long sleeve like this is ideal, the best of both worlds I say.

I’m finding nothing more refreshing and comfortable at the moment than a pair of flip flops, I wouldn’t rock them to a restaurant but certainly to the shops or to social events. Let your feet breath this summer haha.

I also have to tell you guys about the Vector watch pictured, this sleek gadget is a brand new smart watch out on the market September 2015 it syncs straight up to your smart phone pushing all the important notifications you want onto the watch face, the convenience of this is function has become hugely appreciated by myself. There is so much more this watch has to offer including incoming calls & messages, a 30 day long life charge the list goes on and will be forever growing. I am looking forward to sharing more information with you guys on this product.  -AG

Top – D&G     Neckless – TopMan     SunGlasses – Bvlguri     Watch – Vector Watch     Belt – TopMan     Jeans – Zara     Flip flops – Nike