Ali Gordon

Camera heaven


I am over the moon to have my very own Olympus-Pengeneration Camera,  75%+ of my content is shot on an Olympus Pen now, including this post. I have adopted such a love for photography over the past couple of years & having such an incredible piece of kit to hand on a daily basis now is going to improve my photography so much, The quality of images and how discreet the camera is make it perfect for everyday use. I am still very much an amateur behind the lens however with kit like this my life is made so much easier. As far as reviews go this gets a five star, when Lydia introduced me to this camera I never expected such great content to have come from such a tiny piece of kit, with changeable lenses you can also switch for all types of imagery which is a massive plus side when trying to shoot a variety of content from flat lay to outfit post images, there are so many perks to the camera a flipable screen making selfies easy, remote control clicker using your phone with a visual of the image displayed on the phone screen to frame the perfect picture, wifi hot spot to upload direct from the pen to your phone, you can film with audio and the kit comes with a detachable flash I could go on for days, I’m excited to continue using the Olympus Pen and show casing what this camera is capable of. As always links below to all product in the post, hope your all having a great week. – AG

Camera – Olympus Pen     Jacket – Boohoo     T-Shirt – Illusive    Watch – MVMT     Jeans – Asos     Shoes – Adidas