Ali Gordon


In today’s post we are going back to working with a quote:

Now I won’t lie, I’ve had to search for this quote rather than come across it naturally but I wanted something that was in line with these images.

So, today’s quote is: “Grand business plans are all very well, but nothing really beats dipping your toe in the water”

I like this quote as for me it describes how I like to approach things. I’ve never thought of myself as academic and I’m often the guy who doesn’t read the instructions. I just get going (I feel at this point i need to add a legal disclaimer: read the instructions)

Now previously I would have referred to my approach as jumping in the deep end. However, as I’ve got older and more experienced I’ve tried to avoid ending up in deep water too often and in softening my approach I would now describe it as dipping a toe.

Within this metaphor, you need to get wet but you don’t need to always be jumping in the deep end the more you get time and experience on your side.

Jumping in the deep end is the approach I would advise to my younger self.

The benefit of your learnings through time and experience is that you start to know what comes with the deep end. You know it’s risks. Yet no matter how well you know risks you can’t just sit back and keep making plans.

I’m intrigued to see the split in my audience. Let me know who of you are jump in the deep end kind of people vs. dipping a toe.


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