Ali Gordon

Don’t End Up With Rotten Apples

“The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision”

On today’s post I wanted to cover indecision as I think it happens to a lot of us but to varying levels. Whenever I’ve been indecisive I like to check myself on it to make sure it doesn’t become a habit as it can be a bit repetitive. You find it leads to more indecisiveness and you start thinking should I do this or should I do that? What’s the risk assessment? Does everyone agree?

The problem here is that we can end up questioning so much that we no longer use our gut instinct or quick decision making skills on things that can be rather trivial. The prolonging of the decision making can make things worse by for example leaving us with fewer options because we took too long.

Now of course I’m not advocating being thoughtless and not thinking through big decisions. By trivial I mean the small decisions that we know shouldn’t require so much overthinking and so much time decision making.

I’ve found that jumping in the deep end and going with your gut instinct a bit more helps you get momentum and also confidence. Most importantly you don’t lose options by taking too much time. Better to choose because you decided than be left with something because you were indecisive.

I’ve been told a story somewhere by someone about a person staring at an apple tree deciding which one to pick. As time goes by and they are deciding which apple they want, some of the apples start to go rotten. This panics the person and makes them more indecisive. As time continues to pass, more and more apples become rotten as the individual is still trying to decide which apple to cho0se…until none are left.

I guess what I’m saying is…don’t let your indecisiveness leave you with rotten apples. At least I think this is the message I’m supposed to take from this story.


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