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Hey what’s up guys, good to have you back for another post. Today we are talking about festival fashion and I’ve partnered up with Braun to talk to you about some of my essential styles as we approach the festival season. As I’m sure you will all agree, creating unforgettable moments with the people that matter to you the most is a fundamental part to life, and in my opinion looking good whilst doing it will only add to the enjoyment. Finding a style that suits you and works within the environment you are situated in is key to expressing your personality, so I hope the three featured looks today give you some inspiration when you’re next frantically trying to select your festival look.

As everyone knows, these days style choices are essential, and the foundation of style begins in the bathroom! Male grooming is a hot topic when it comes to your overall look and it will set a precedent as to how you style your attire. Beard styles give you confidence in your appearance and The Braun grooming tools enable you to achieve flawless looks in minimal time –  so you can spend your time creating memories during the moments that really matter. I’m going to introduce to you two incredible tools from Braun, firstly The Braun Series 3 ProSkin shaver. It has an advanced foil shaver head, with SensoFoil technology, which guides more hair into the blades giving a closer shave ensuring sensitive skin is kept in top form. Perfect for any occasion, the Series 3 shaver is the ideal tool for tidying up the neck area for bearded guys as well as achieving that clean-shaven look – irritation free – and with a 1-hour charge lasting up to 45 minutes of wireless use, it is perfect for on the go use! Next up the Braun Multi-Grooming kit – this multipurpose styling tool allows you to take full control of your style and create defined looks that are unique to you. Performing 9 jobs in one device, it trims not only your facial hair in an effortless manner ensuring you create that precise result you’re after, but also caters for body grooming, ear & nose – making it functional, stylish & desirable.  The trimmer holds 1h 40 charge from one hour charging as well as a unique smart fast charge function – meaning you won’t get caught short as you can complete a trim with just a five-minute charge. Both tools can be used wet or dry, with handles, heads & attachments fully washable. Now Braun have made grooming easy it’s time to get dressed up and involved in the festival season!



To kick things off we are taking a spin on Punk Rock. In the 1970’s the style was a distinct social dress code for anti-materialistic views and hosted deliberately offensive prints, before moving into the 1980’s where the style was heavily picked up in the UK by fashion designers and driven by the music industry, which is very fitting when we connect festivals with live music and the movement of Art and music with punk rock. Today the style is incorporated within current trends and makes an appearance at the majority of festivals around the world. A few easy ways to achieve this look would be by styling statement pieces such as a leather jacket or iconic Dr.Martens before adding metallic accessories such as rings, bracelets and zipped items which also add to this “built to survive” rebellious style. I’ve kept the look relatively dark to ensure it always looks on point!


I don’t like to have favourites but if I did this style would certainly be my go to! Why? Well for me it’s all about the comfort. This style derives from the old US North-Eastern colleges in the early to mid-twentieth century – well educated, well connected and very much privileged individuals. The style is associated with sporting activities such as Polo, Sailing, Tennis, Rowing, fencing and the like which doesn’t necessarily hold a strong connection to the music seen. However, this classic look has made a strong appearance at festivals over the years and is being incorporated into brands’ DNA meaning consumers like myself have great access to the items required to build a look. My key styling tip to achieving this look would be to keep it minimalistic & finish the look off with a tied sweater over your shoulders. Yeah, you’ve nailed it!


Last but not least possibly the most on trend festival style at the moment for both Men and Women – The Bohemian / Hippy.  You may have seen this style filling up your Instagram feeds as the recent Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival took to Palm Springs and creators from around the globe attended the festival, enjoying the live music and capturing some beautiful memories through the lens. This style usually reflects the unconventional and artistic individuals, reflecting on spiritual views and deep connections. The style definitely fits the vibe of many festivals around the world and looks effortless in the process. I would focus on denims and suede items with accessories like the dream catcher necklace seen in the images above. Bandannas are also a great way to add patterns and colours into your look to give more depth as well as protect you from sand storms in certain festival locations! I would strongly consider experimenting with this style and stepping out of your comfort zone during the next festival you attend, I personally feel it makes you feel more connected with the environment and that’s always an important part of your overall experience.

I hope you have found today’s post helpful and if you would like to shop the featured Braun grooming tools/devices click the link HERE  for the Multi Grooming kit or HERE for the Series 3 ProSkin style & shave. Until the next time stay safe and party hard. AG

This Post is in in Collaboration with Braun Grooming however all views are my own.