Festival Fashion

July 8, 2017



It’s that time of year when we head out in search for good music good weather and even better times. Festival season has just kicked off and after a fun filled weekend at WildLife festival in Brighton with the RiverIsland team what better time to talk festival  fashion.

The fundamental part to festival fashion is staying inline with your personal style but allowing yourself to experiment with new ideas, weather it be a bandanna or some out of the ordinary accessories this is the place and time to put your new ideas to the test. The predominant festival look is very indie rock, think skinny distressed jeans, over sized vintage T-Shirts, scuffled hair and carefully nurtured facial hair, personally I completely dig this look it’s effective on trend and very very cool. However you are not limited to fitting in with a generalised festival style, the ever so popular Aztec, floral and Hawiian shirts add colour and pattern to your festival ensemble and work very well with long or short chinos. Loafers and trainers are amongst the most popular footwear if the wellies aren’t out however I must highlight a quick reality check, don’t expect to return from a festival with your foot wear in any fit state, certainly in a UK, hours of dancing spilling drinks and muddy ground will leave your shoes in true festival style, Just how we like it. Talking of weather conditions, we all know there is no certainty with British weather so make sure you cover you basis with outfits to suit most conditions, this can simply be layering with a shirt and T or grabbing a jacket to shove in your bag as the evening draws in.

Below I have styled the two featured looks and another outfit for good measure perfect for those summer festival trends, If you want to shop more of the collection River island has to offer make sure you click the link HERE. Enjoy the adventure and party all night long. AG

Look One

Look Two

Look Three

This Post is in collaboration with River island however all views are my own.

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  • Michael July 11, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Wicked nice content! Love your blog and vlogs!

    Quick question, where are the sunglasses from in Look #1?

    I have a sunglasses addiction and they look great!

  • Jerad Michael July 13, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    These outfits are absolutely killer! A nice fresh take on festival fashion.


  • Santi September 6, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    Hi Ali, the links to the outfits are not working?