Ali Gordon

Game Time

Jersey – SikSilk     Jeans – Zara     Rucksack – Converse     Watch – MK     Trainers – Nike Free Run 2

Following a lifestyle that incorporates fitness means food & specific types of foods are essential to maintaining a physique I feel comfortable in, as a whole on a day out I would embrace local cuisines or restaurants of the like, enjoy what they have to offer & take a day off from regimented meals & food sources. But everything in moderation so on days i want to keep my nutrition tight loading up a bag with preped meals becomes a must. It enables me to sustain this lifestyle as I’m known to have quite the sweet tooth ;). The convenience of a rucksack or holdall can comfortably keep tuppa wear & drinks without walking around with an industrial lunch box ha-ha. I am a huge fan of bags from companies such as BeFit or Six-Pack bags but the logistics of carrying these around in public places doesn’t look so fitting. Keeping my outfits practical & street becomes a more regally occurring circumstance.