Ali Gordon

How I increased my social media presence


Its a question I get asked from time to time, and something that had no strategy behind it. I didn’t set out to grow a social media following with the intentions I have today. I did however, recognised a couple of patterns that did improve my growth.

Firstly networking, the single most important factor to increasing your social media presence, If you aren’t being exposed no one will know you exist online, simple. How to network? well, we could be here for a while so to keep it short I used a simple method of connecting with like minded people who represented similar attributes to myself and who of course had a similar reach, building online relationships with these people offered exposure for both parties meaning both sides would gain from one another’s exposure.

Secondly having a genre that flows through your platforms that people can relate to, offering something they can learn from weather it be fitness, fashion, food, beauty and so on. It can be informative, inspirational or even creative, all of us that use social media do so for many reasons  and there is no right or wrong however generally consistency will keep an engaged audience.

Thirdly the quality of content being published, now it may seem strange however with exceptions to family friends and the occasional celebrity have you ever followed an account that publishes blurry badly framed unclear imagery? Possibly not? We want to enjoy the images and understand the moment that has been captured, clicking onto a profile first impressions like it or not will come into play, If you hold an account that offers crisp clear or artistic photography you will more than likely hold onto the readers attention for a little bit longer.

My three tips to a more successful social media presence summarised, Social Networking – Genre – quality of content.

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