Ali Gordon

How to Choose The Perfect Gift for him

 Building up to Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year, selecting Gifts for loved ones can sometimes be more challenging than you first thought and the mad rush as the days count down can become a little overwhelming. It’s fine though I’ve got your back with a few helpful tips for selecting the perfect gift for him.

Timeless Pieces

The gifts which stand the test of time. Through years of wear they age like fine wines. Accessories, Jewellery right through to timepieces, these are the gifts that will keep on giving for many Christmases to come. We all have that one person whose gift requires a little more thought, a little more planning and for them, the Movado Ultra slim Watch is a perfect example of a timeless gift. Quality engineering and a simplistic design are key design factors of Movado timepieces.

Sizeless Pieces

One of the biggest problems we face when buying for the younger generations these days is, in short, they don’t stop growing. You want to ensure the gifts you buy serve them well throughout the Winter season and for many more to come so a great tip is to go for “sizeless” gifts such as hats, belts, scarfs and general accessories to be sure they can wear their gifts for many years to come.


Keep it simple. Sometimes less is more and when it comes to personal style, getting it absolutely right can be difficult. Simple, sleek and classic designs are a great place to start when buying for the design conscious amongst our nearest and dearest. Movado timepieces are at the forefront of classic, minimal design which quickly become and remain and staple piece in every mans wardrobe.

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