Ali Gordon

It’s The Right Fit When It Fits Right

What denotes something being the right fit? this question was put to me from a friend and had me thinking so today I wanted to chat about it because it’s all too often spoken about with such conviction time and time again.

Have you ever been clothes shopping and someone comes to assist you?  they will often ask for your size and inform you if it’s a good fit or not.. Or you’re talking to a group of friends that may remark on someones “ill” or “well” fitting clothing. Even your favourite online fashion creator sharing there two pence on how an item of clothing should fit, ( hi ). Well it really did have me thinking.

Whilst I do believe there are some guidelines around conforming to societal standards which is in short is an opinion by popularity, I also appreciate fashion and personal style are an expression of an individuals tastes. Maybe I’m moving more onto the fence with this post today but is there such thing as a good or bad fitting item of clothing, outside of it’s practical and functional elements? I’m not so sure.

It’s easy enough to be convinced that a person is right when sharing there views on the latest trends or traditions, however does it all really fall back on to an individuals opinion rather than fact… We now see “oversized” blazers, trousers worthy of a wing suit and this isn’t a recent avant-garde movement these styles can be seen throughout the 90’s and beyond.. a”great fit” today may be a “bad fit” tomorrow.

There are lessons here around having the courage of your convictions and standing behind what you know you like rather than what the latest trends or traditions impose on you. Especially when it’s something for you.

I encourage people to express there style in a way that fulfils them, the way an item of clothing fits may be ones idea of perfection and another’s imperfection, with that in mind you may as well follow your own desires and not those of others.


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