Ali Gordon


Another topic that has been requested recently for a blog post is how to keep focus. I really love this topic as I think in the modern world distractions are everywhere and keeping yourself focused is about as difficult as it can be.

A lot of content I see is about motivation, how to be motivated, how to get motivated and often how to get motivated for a particular aspect of your life so either business or gym etc.

Now motivation is great but it doesn’t last and anyone who tells you they are motivated every single morning I would argue probably isn’t telling the truth…or they just know a very valuable secret that most others don’t.

So if you can’t be motivated all the time then how do you maintain focus. I think the key here is actually discipline. That doesn’t sound very Hollywood or super interesting and in fact it’s a bit boring but I’ve found it to be the truth for me.

Motivation can be the worst distraction. If I take the gym as an example, I could be looking to get lean and if I am not disciplined in my approach to this goal each and every day then I won’t reach it. I can easy be distracted by motivation for a new goal and then suddenly my focus has gone from the original goal.

Because we can be motivated in a lot of ways and by a lot of things it’s easy to start a number of projects or challenges and then get distracted by new ones.

This is where discipline is the key! Motivation is maybe the starting gun on the track. It’s there to get you going but discipline is the true key to focus and the longer you maintain that disciplined approach to your goals the easier focus becomes.

Don’t dismiss motivation but value discipline more and that is when I think keeping focus becomes a lot easier.


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