Ali Gordon


I don’t know about yourselves but as rules and restrictions have eased it’s meant seeing more people and having to learn how to socialise again. This looks strange written down but I feel that the isolating months of 2020 and the beginning of this year have meant we are just not that used to socialising anymore and we’re bit out of practice with that human skill set.

Whilst this is definitely something that comes under first world problems, a few others have mentioned the same thing to me. They have found that seeing people again has made them feel anxious and some have even referenced how their bodies and brains aren’t used to that level of stimulation anymore.

I’m finding that each interaction is like new territory to begin with, It tends to take a little longer than usual to relax into a social setting.

 It’s all a reminder of how long it’s been and how much we have to re-adjust to regain our confidence in these situations. I personally haven’t found social settings tiering but I certainly feel like I’m not as loose in these settings as I once was and it takes me a little longer to build up to my Dad jokes ;).

The pace of life slowed down and as it speeds up we will all be adjusting accordingly I have no doubt, change brings new challenges big and small and this transitional period will be just that. As always stay safe and you can find the links to my featured look in the section below.

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