Ali Gordon

Living a balanced Lifestyle

We hear the phrase balanced lifestyle so much but what exactly does it mean? how do we know when we have balanced our lives and where is the book that tells us how much of such activity we should perform. Simply there is no right or wrong there are no real does & don’ts just find your happiness and work with that.

I developed a strong passion for fitness at the age of 19yr I dedicated a lot of my time to training, nutrition and reading up on fitness related articles, I would eat sleep and breath it, twice a day training regimented meals & a decreasing social life at its expense, however I was happy I felt strong, fit and in the best shape of my life, I had the balance just right, the key to my own happiness.

Moving on a few years down the line, I was losing momentum I wasn’t enjoying fitness in the same way I use to I wanted to go out and socialise, eat foods I had restricted myself from because of my commitments to fitness, I wanted to be more relaxed as a result of it. So change was needed and this is what balance for me is all about. Adapting to your desires and moulding to your individual personalty. There is no shame in changing, as we grow older we change, it’s going to be the case for the majority of us, our prioritise change and responsibilities become larger, I am constantly adapting my life to achieve my goals to keep me positive, happy and motivated. Balance is an ongoing formula it’s always being adjusted and that is what I foresee.  Find your own happiness that is the real key to a balanced lifestyle. – AG

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