Ali Gordon

Loving in Lisbon

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Love is in the air as Lydia & myself hit our third year anniversary. After stumbling across Lydia’s Instagram account all those years ago we quickly became in contact only to realise we had some friends in common, after meeting at a friends party things didn’t kick off to a great start, I managed to polish a dozen drinks followed with plenty of tequila shots washed down with the  Mescal worm, I was standing but only just, I think I took a liking to Lydia as I man handled her with the ever so smooth face grabbing and un welcomed kissing ( nothing sinister) I had managed to remove half her makeup though which gave me the prefect opportunity to see her in all her natural glory, In fact I think I saw two of her for most the night, Being a friends and family event I stayed over the night to find myself in the awkward position of facing her after a night of drunken antics. Kindly Lydia offered to drop me off home where I think I redeemed myself.

Following that night we had our first proper date and spent almost every weekend together. Growing stronger we both shared interests in fitness and fashion. I soon had Lydia on a regimented gym routine as she introduced me into the world of social media / blogging. Together we grew and are happily settled in our own place with a little pussy cat who brings us more happiness than we every expected. I’m excited for our future and everything else that will come with it. I found a girl who brings the best out of me. – AG


Jacket – Asos     Scarf – Ted Baker     T-Shirt – Asos     Jeans – Zara     Shoes – Aldo


Dress – Boohoo    Bag –  Chanel   Shoes –  Chloe

Photography – Jay McLaughlin