Ali Gordon


I’ve been waiting a long time to get my hands on a Dior Homme suit and finally I picked up this smart casual ┬ájacket & trouser from Yoox. You may have heard me say a few times it’s essential for every gentlemen to own at least one suit in their wardrobe and I stand by that, a casual suit not so essential but none the less a very strong addition to keep a strong line up amongst your current attire. One thing I love about casual suits are the diversity they offer. It’s hard to feel under or over dressed which I’m sure many of you would have experienced in the past, this covers both angles. Dior offer a very stylish and fashion focused collection of suits and trust me when I say they do not disappoint, I kept it relativley simple with a tasteful stripe detail on the jacket . I would describe my style as classic and so I don’t venture to far from my comfort zone, however there are so many options to really express your personal style or mood in the collection and in general in the market place. Maybe in 2018 I will become a little more adventurous in my style.

Just like any other suit I always make the effort to get it tailored to my style. The most fundemental aspect of a suit in my opinion is it’s fit, take any suit at any value & have it hang off you like you’ve borrowed your Dads suit for the evening and it’s going to look bad. Remember Tailors can make incredible alterations however they are not magicians so be realistic in your expectations and try to buy as close to fit as possible. I use the fantastic ladies at Zipyard MK to handle all t

my tailoring needs. – AG