Ali Gordon



First and foremost, statement pieces, be they jewelry, shoes or a jacket pull an outfit together, which matters if you dress for yourself or if you dress for others. it’s important to define your personal style, Give an identity to your personal brand. One of the most effective and easiest ways to complete a look is simply by adding a statement piece, layer neutral tones as a foundation such as a black outfit as featured  in todays post, paired with an item that does all it’s own talking such as this Givenchy Jacket. The idea is to let that statement pieces take all the limelight by not overcrowding it with other items. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing statement items are they make light work of completing a look, and certainly grab attention, I mean I rarely get complimented on my white shirt or plain black basics T. Stick a statement item on and watch as people make remarks, take the good with the bad as long as your comfortable in your outfit of choice the controversial opinions surrounding statement items will vary so just go with the flow, own the fashion. – AG


Jewellery – Serge Denims – HERE

Black Chelsea boot click – HERE