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Welcome to todays blog post where we take a closer look at some of my favourite Spring jackets. It’s a strange one as normally we’d be out and about incorporating these jackets into out normal daily lives. However, circumstances are such that this is sadly not the case. But…I personally think it’s important to keep on top of our style and the season that influence these looks. I find that if I sit around in my joggers all day I tend to be lazy and often drained. Dressing as usual almost provides a structure and that impetus your day needs.

Now, let’s jump right in. What makes a great spring jacket? For me this breaks into four key areas, however, as I often say, style and fashion is always personal. You need to find what works for you. Keep searching and never settle until you are happy and content with what you are looking for and what works for you.

The first of my key areas is 1/ Weight of the fabric – This is important for the feel but more so function. How you feel when you are wearing a jacket is integral and how warm it keeps you just as much. With spring jackets we want this to be a nice mid-weight, heavy fabrics will have you sweating buckets and to lightweight well.. you may get away with it during the day but come the evening the colder weather will get the better of you. Spring can often be bright and clear on these sunnier days it can get really warm but then step into the shade and you’ll think you’ve walked into the Arctic. It goes without saying don’t be fooled by the direct heat it can get a bit chilly in the shade so your jacket weight needs to work with that. 

Feature 2/ The Mid crop –  The spring jacket has to be a mid-crop. Too long and you look dressed for Autumn/Winter. Too short and you look like your auditioning for an 80’s music video. 

Feature 3/ Practicality – depending on what you like a jacket should have useful functions. I personally like lots of pockets as I don’t like carrying my belongings in trousers if I can avoid it, we’ve all been that guy with a bulging phone in our front pocket. The Jacket also needs to be easily removable a zip up or button down work well, also getting the jacket on or off without messing up the barnet is always ideal. 

And the final feature is Lighter Tones – a spring jacket works well to be lighter in tone, it does a better job at reflecting the heat as dark colours will absorb much more, but truthfully I think the real reason I reference this point is because I associate lighter tones with summer and whilst spring items should be able to transition into those summer months I just love how these tones remind me of summer days. I would suggest going for the light neutral tones to keep a more wearable wardrobe, this way you will get more wear out of each item as they will be easier to style up with different looks. 


Hope you enjoyed todays post and of course if you have any questions get in touch. In the meantime stay safe!

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