Ali Gordon


Welcome to the start of a new blog series. This marks the first in a new series of future posts that will focus on themes around some of my favourite Netflix films, shows and documentaries. Note that this may include shows that are on Netflix (at the time of posting) but not produced by Netflix.

This idea came about because like many I’ve become too reliant on Netflix and since it’s reported that in the first three months of 2020 almost 16 million people signed up, it would seem some of you are too. We all love to get hooked on a new show and then chat it through with friends or family who are also hooked. We’ve even all caught ourselves saying to anyone that hasn’t watched said show that they simply have to and then persisted to pressure them until they do. How many shows have you started watching due to peer pressure? 

Since Netflix is such a conversation starter it seemed to me something worth blogging about. Now, I’ll try to avoid spoilers or give away too much information so with this in mind i’ll stick to the loose themes that certain shows I like have generated. 

The first theme I’m going to kickstart this new blog series off with is – Finding Yourself. Off the back of watching ‘Tell Me Who I Am’ and 3 Identical Strangers, I’ve been chatting with friends a lot about finding yourself. It’s a hard feeling to describe but you know it when you’ve found it and you know it when you haven’t. The feeling of being lost is hard to articulate but easy to know when you feel it and, whilst this is nothing compared to what Alex Lewis goes through in Tell Me Who I Am, it is interesting to see Alex buying into things that aren’t true and structure so much of his life moving forward around these lies. Having watched these shows I would say that finding yourself comes down to having an inner belief and inner confidence in who you are, what your life has been and where it is going.

Both Alex and the Triplets from 3 Identical Strangers go on incredible journeys of self discovery  and I guess one of the most important lessons we get from both shows is how important it is to know yourself and to keep searching and working on it until you do. It’s a continual process it seems. I don’t for a second doubt how hard this would be and would never proclaim to be an expert as it often seems that ‘the things you know for sure that just ain’t so’ are the things that throw you off balance and lead you to lose yourself. Now if these are things you “know for sure” then you’ll never see them coming so losing yourself at times will be inevitable and therefore nothing to be hard on yourself about.

In lockdown I think we can get lost in what we see others doing and in believing that we should copy them. By this I’m referring to people saying we should use the time to learn a new language, study online, launch a new business or follow trends online but the reality to me seems that you should be doing what is true to you and no matter what that is and as long as it makes you happy (and doesn’t breach the lockdown rules) then that’s the best thing. 

Let me know what you are watching at the moment and I’ll see what themes we can work on with those shows. As always, stay safe.

Check out the trailers for the two suggested series

Tell Me Who I Am – HERE 

Three Identical Strangers – HERE 

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