Ali Gordon


Over the past couple of years I have been obsessed with the filling pieces instagram (@fillingpieces ) it’s so slick and well photographed, I have had my heart set on getting a pair for so long but never got round to getting some, So on my birthday a couple of weeks back Lydia took me down to Box Park in Shorditch where they hold a few pairs from the collection. She treated me to the classic low top perforated style which they offer all year round a lot of there styles cycle in and out so they hold exclusivity. I also treated myself to some Bvlgari Sunglasses as we are fast approaching summer so all in all a very spoilt boy this year. accessorised with thread etiquette a go to company for all kinds of wrist attire! -AG

Sunglasses – Bvlgari     T-Shirt – TopMan     Watch – Thread & etiquette      Bracelets – Thread & etiquette     Jeans – SikSilk     Shoes – Filling Pieces