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OMEGA Speedmaster | The Moonwatch

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it”

Thought this was a nice quote to lead into a post about a premium and beautiful watch from Omega. Yes this post in product focused but no it is not sponsored. I just liked the watch and having taken some photos I really liked with it I decided it was worth a post. 

Investing in a good watch is (in my view) is worth considering. A good watch or even the right watch for you, can bring great joy. There is something about putting on a nice watch in the morning. After you’ve got dressed it is the final piece to the jigsaw and you feel complete. Whilst the funcitonality of a watch may have been reduced over the years with the technology we hold on us today none hold the heritage and history of a timepiece. Of course people will have different feelings towards why they wear a certain watch and I think the interest and general market demand for high quality watches shows that strong emotions and feelings that can be brought about from having the right one.

The Omega Speedmaster professional or “Moonwatch” in this shoot has a real adventurer’s feel to it. I think that feeling also comes from the fact that the watches are built in the classic 4th generation style that was worn by Apollo 11 astronauts during the first moon landing. The timepiece was introduced in 1957 as a sport & racing chronograph and is held today as one of the best known and longest produced movements. I wish I could introduce this today as the newest piece to my collection ( and maybe one day I will ) however I’m fortunate enough to have some very enthusiastic, completely and utterly obsessed watch fanatics in my friendship circle so for now it’s just on loan. 

Shooting with this great product recently I was also reminded about how we all have a new appreciation of time. More than ever for me I’m aware of how precious time is and how much individual moments need to be savored. Situations like that which we have gone through over the last year or so are the sort of situations that bring with them a greater appreciation of time.

I’m keen to hear about the watches you are interested in and which brands you would be keen for me to cover with shoots and blog posts.

Take care and stay safe

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