Ali Gordon

Passion Creates Progress

For today’s post I’m going to go back to a theme which I did a lot of earlier in the year. I would take a quote that I would come across and highlight why it’s resonated with me. I don’t know about you but I find that from time to time a quote can just hit right at the right time and the quote focus for today’s post did just that.

Now I don’t often put the author of the quote in my posts out of fear that it will turn out they never said it however today I can safely (I still hope) lay this quote at the feet of Tom Hardy who I saw a video of saying these words. Just have to hope it wasn’t faked!

The quote went like this “passion, action, noble intention creates progress. Passion creates progress.”

I love a quote like this. It’s short and to the point and encompasses something that we can spend a lot of time overthinking. We don’t need to question what we are passionate about and we don’t need to explain it either. In our gut we know what we are passionate about and our inclination to go with our gut and to go with our passions is because we know deep down it’s the best path to progress.

When I take a moment to look at where I’ve come from and what I’ve achieved if I was forced to put it down to one word that described why I am where I am and doing what I am doing it would be passion. Following your passion will always lead to progress in some form.

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