Ali Gordon

Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is a virtue

I’ve long pushed the idea of working at speed and moving ahead quickly rather than dwelling on anything. Such an approach has its pros.

However, whilst I still stand by this approach on the more day to day side of things, when it comes to looking at things on a larger scale and addressing more overriding aspects of your life I think patience is a virtue.

I’m coming across a few good examples of this juxtaposition lately. Take for example the video content I produce. When I work at creating each individual piece of content I work quite quickly. I look to be efficient but prepared. I make sure I don’t dwindle on it too long and lose time.

However looking at the overall picture it’s been a long patience game to build up the skill in the editing and production of them.

I’m coming to the view that you have to be clever in working out what needs patience and what needs haste.

For me the overall picture needs patience and the short term day to day needs haste. Everyone will be different and the assessment as to what works best for you will need to be made by you.

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