Ali Gordon

Reflecting on the past few months

I’m going to write a post that has no real relevance to the visuals above, These shots where taken at the beginning of spring in the beautiful City of Bath. Lydia had a campaign to work on with HM and styled up three looks to tour around the City for a Look Book on her youtube channel. It made me laugh actually, on the day each and every outfit Lydia had to style (I had never seen) I came along with an outfit to compliment, a complete coincidence. Made for some great couple pictures though.

So anyway for the past few months I have been working hard on my youtube content trying to create higher quality videos, I’ve found a new passion for videography and I want to run with it. It’s left me endlessly frustrated at myself though because I can’t portray my vision and I feel so much time is wasted searching for the information I require to progress. I would sit at my computer feeling useless and It dawned on me I wonder how many other people find them selfs at loose ends, they feel a lack of direction and restricted from information? I decided that the more time I spent worrying about educating myself the less time I had educating. The simple message I took from the past few months is worry less about what isn’t and concentrate more on what could be, I think many of us could apply this in every day life, Productivity leads to great things and no matter how hard it is to achieve your goals spend your time doing so wisely and for every set back you come across focus on progression and don’t dwell on the present. A motto I will be living by moving forward – AG

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