Ali Gordon


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

There are some looks that are timeless and more often than not these are simple looks. They stand the test of time because of their simplicity which as the quote above states is the ultimate sophistication.

Often we can over complicate our style. We can try to layer too much, over-accessorise or just try too hard. It’s the same sort of thinking that is best answered by the phrase – less is more. This is something I can do a lot. I can overthink a look and spend a long time on it only to realise that less was more and that I’ve tried to make it too complicated with too much going on.

The look in today’s blog post is up there as one of my favourite timeless looks. White trainers – Navy trousers, White T-Shirt and the beige trench coat as the signature piece. The key thing with a simple look like this is the fit of the items. Whilst the fit is always important it is arguably an imperative in this instance as I think not properly fitting clothing is showcased more in a simple look than in a more complex one.

I’ve covered overthinking a lot on my blog I think your style can fall into the same category as previously mentioned, a tidy home can lead to a tidy mind, a tidy outfit can have the same impact on your mentality. I guess what I’m saying here is how you look and feel influences your mindset.

Let me know what things you like to keep simple and which most importantly keep your mindset simple. As always you can see links to the items in my post at the bottom of the page.

Take care

Trench Coat – HERE 

Trouser – HERE 

Sneakers – HERE

T-Shirt – HERE