Ali Gordon

Sometimes It’s Good To Drive The Long Way Home

I’ve heard this line somewhere before and for the life of me I can’t work out where it is from so if anyone has any ideas or can help me work this out, please let me know. The line is most likely from a film or TV series and it goes – “Some people like driving the long way home”.

Anyway, so the reason this line has been in my head recently is that as some of you will have seen I took the Aston Martin Roadster out for a spin around the beautiful roads in the Lake District. It was a reminder of how nice a long drive is. How it can clear your head and do the world of good, some uninterrupted time for yourself.

Long drives can have a calming effect on you (when you are actually driving as opposed to being stuck in traffic for hours). At both the beginning and the end of a day a decent drive can both prepare you for what’s ahead and relax you after what’s been.

I should probably read up on why this is but I think the experience can be really therapeutic and I’m wondering if this is because of the disconnect you have from the hectic, fast paced and non-stop world around you. When you are in the car you are in control and you can listen to music for hours, listen to podcasts or just sit in silence and enjoy the sounds of the road and the car.

We all know that disconnecting from time to time from our technology focused and driven lives is something we should do more often and maybe just maybe this can be done by sometime taking the long way home.

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