Ali Gordon

Styling a Roll neck

Roll necks have been making a strong appearance this winter, and I seem to have accumulated a small collection of them over the past month or two myself. They make me feel sophisticated and well presented in more casual way which I actually quite like. I use to find them a slightly irritating around the neck and mildly restrictive as though I had a neck brace on but recently its all changed and once I had realised I could actually move my head without my shoulders following it was all OK. I genuinely find them really comfortable and easy to wear now, so a big thumbs up to the roll neck jumpers this season.

Some of you guys may have noticed on the jacket I have pinned the sleeve, Fashion disaster or fashion genius either way a little tip I use to shape items that need a little tweak, I like to have my wrist piece showing whenever possible so by simply clasping  up the sleeve I am able to accomplish this until the next visit to the tailor. Its surprisingly discreet and even when it is on show the chances of people noticing are slim to none. – AG

Jacket – Zara     Jumper – Boohoo     Jeans – Zara (Similar)     Shoes – Aldo     Watch – Larsson & jennings    Bag – Bosca