Ali Gordon


Happy Monday everyone! I Hope you all had a nice weekend. Today’s post is  fashion focused and we’ll be talking all about Linen. Some do’s and don’ts and how I like to wear the fabric that should be a staple for your wardrobe this summer.

Now granted any images wearing linen are going to look best in warm, hot, tropical locations so shooting these images in the Maldives has given me a real advantage here but the principles still remain the same (although maybe if you are around the UK don’t open as many buttons as I have here).

The first point in how to wear linen (in my view). You want the items you are wearing to have an ease and neutrality to them.  Don’t distract from the simplicity and elegance of the look, Linen is a beautiful lightweight material which will help in keeping you cool during the heat of the day whilst providing a refined look to not compromise comfort or style. Let the garments fall off you naturally and embrace the fluidity linen offers.

Try working the sleeves up and un-button the shirt. You want to keep things loose and casual, the effortlessness of how you wear linen is what gives it that suave / cool appearance.

A benefit to styling the buttons in a more relaxed fashion enables the showcasing of accessories and none is better than a signature chain or necklace. If you are going to to be near water and have nautical chains in your collection then make the connection and go for it, equally you can apply different pendants to support the environment you’re in or even stones that represent a birth sign etc…

I like to keep my accessories to a minimum, I tried styling 5 rings on my hands once or twice but it never really worked out for me if it’s your style then certainly don’t  hold back it’s a great way to add small detail, I kept it simple with a rope ring & watch. Finally we get to the last accessory…the sunnies! You can go with the classic aviators or pick something with more detail and flair. The sunglasses are where we can really have a bit of fun although personally I like to keep the frame shape & style traditional I’m working towards a more timeless wardrobe so although sunnies are an area where I would feel comfortable playing around with trends I tend to keep them inline with the overall look.

The final point of the post today is footwear, again, and you’re probably fed up of hearing now, it’s all about simplicity. Get some clean sandals, slider or take the espadrilles / loafers out for a spin whatever the choice keep a blanc canvas to complete your summer look. You can shop this look below.


Shirt – HERE

Trousers – HERE

Jewellery – HERE

Sandals – HERE

Watch – HERE