Ali Gordon

Styling the MA1 Bomber | Mens Fashion

The 1950’s Classic MA1 Bomber, staying true to it’s  design the elegant green colour keeps you camouflaged deep within the dense vegetation and orange lining helps promote rescue in the event of disaster, Alpha Industries won the government contract to produce the US military with the MA1 bombers in 1963 and began producing for civilians in the 1970’s. To this day we still love and wear this iconic jacket.

When styling the Ma1 bomber please note you can purchase a slim fit option alongside the standard slightly oversized fit. I have a standard fit in the imagery above which enables me to layer up underneath easily.  The jackets were designed to be worn in approximately 15degree heat so in the colder weather conditions layering up shouldn’t be an issue. As we approach spring I would simply style this jacket with a relaxed casual attire. Compliment the deep green colour with a white oversized T-Shirt and distressed denim. often than not your jacket or shoes should be the statement piece of your outfit and focus on one or the other. I teamed this look up with a minimal pair of white Sandro sneakers. Focusing on comfort and style often results in a winning combination. If you’re looking to invest in a Bomber jacket I would look no further than Alpha Industries after all they are the OG of Bombers. – AG

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