Ali Gordon


So finally summer has arrived…well at least we hope it has. It’s been great to finally get some good weather after a pretty bad May! I’ve even noticed that people seem happier when they are out and about and the general mood of the nation seems to be more upbeat. It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do.

The benefits are often lauded by scientists and medial practitioners (of course in moderation) and these benefits include increased vitamin D, improved mood, higher quality sleep, stronger bones and even lower blood pressure. 

Now whilst the sun can mean the beginnings of a better mood it doesn’t have to mean the end of smart looks. The summer tends to be associated with t-shirts and shorts with the sunnies as the main accessory. However, this doesn’t have to be the case as I say and tailoring a smart look with the right clothing can make you look sharp in the sun. 

I think the key thing here is breathable materials. The heat has been pretty intense these last few days and wearing a jacket and trousers seems too much. However, if you get the right clothing made from the right breathable materials then you can feel just as cool. Think cottons but specifically linens for your summer smart looks.

Now whilst the materials can be breathable, you also want to look dressed for the current season so smartening things up with anything that resenbles winter styling is to be avoided, think lighter tones and for those who are partial to some colour this is a great time of year to really play around with bold looks. I also think smaller details can signal a nod to the season, right now I’m loving the Cuban collar particularly when it’s folded out over the jacket, it’s a style that you often see in summer and not so much in the colder months.

Finally, time for the fun part…the accessories. Finishing your look with the right accessories is always important and summer provides the opportunity for small details.

Pocket squares are great for adding a touch of colour to neutral outfits, jewellery to provide some hardware and firm up your look, and lets not forget hats not only do they offer sun protection they also can amplify  your personal style and finally sunglasses which always open up an opportunity to add a designer touch to your outfit.

Let me the smart looks you go with during summer and as always take care.

Linen Jacket – HERE 

Sandro Trouser – HERE

Cuban Shirt –HERE 

Pocket Square – HERE 

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