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The Fashion Edit…invest for the longterm

Time to talk fashion.

This is one of my favourite looks as it’s simple but filled with high quality items and the best way to make a simple look last and look best is to do it with high quality items.

At this point I would like to flag that I am advocating investing in certain items for your wardrobe, items that you can get repeated use out of but because of their high quality so you don’t end up just leaving them in your wardrobe or finding that you can’t use them again after a few uses.

Now if you prefer to see me talk through my look and more items I got with MyTheresa check out my YouTube video here where I discuss them in more detail.

Starting from the bottom up:

SHOES – Tod’s are a top brand and I was really happy to select these as part of my collaboration with MyTheresa. A pair of Suede Penny Loafers is great for matching with a number of different looks. One thing I would flag here is investing in footwear protection for this specific material. This will help such a flagship item last. We’ve all been there with a new pair of shoes and we do our best to keep them looking fresh only for a scuff or bit of bad weather to leave them a little worse for wear.

TROUSERS – Lardini double pleated wool blend pants. Let’s be honest, these make the look. Fantastic quality and great detail. The comfort you will have to take my word for but the fit you can see for yourselves. Really happy with these and discovered that Lardini is famous for tailoring men’s brands including Versace, Valentino & Burberry…you can see why.

SWEATER – This wool crewneck sweater fits the same criteria as the rest, high quality and long lasting. If you are going to invest in some good knitwear then there is arguably no better place to start than John Smedley. Their heritage is as one of the world’s finest knitwear manufacturers. They were est. 1784 and are the oldest manufacturing company in the world. They started in Derbyshire during the beginnings of the industrial revolution and can still be found in Derbyshire today over 200 years on. The material is lightweight and a great fit. John Smedley do knitwear and they do it right.

As you know I picked these items from MyTheresa along with some other pieces so do check out my YouTube video I mentioned earlier for more. I like to keep an eye on MyTheresa for those high quality pieces that you can invest in for the long term.

Stay safe

Shoes – HERE

Knitwear – HERE 

Trousers – HERE 

Wallet – HERE