Ali Gordon

The Morning

So every day we wake up with the same 24hrs, each and every one of us have the same time to play with yet we all achieve different levels of accomplishments each day. So what makes us more productive than others, Motivation? good planning? ┬ádedication? A day that has a schedule an educated plan and a motivated individual to undertake those tasks, these factors will create more opportunities more success and a more well rounded you. I’m a strong believer in balance, finding a happy medium that works the most efficiently for me, health wealth and happiness are probably my key factors. The stem to my branches and the central focus point to decisions I make each and every day. We all travel our own journey and for some it will be easier than others but we all have the option to be the best version of ourselves. Plan your time wisely and enjoy every moment. – AG

Joggers – H&M x Balmain