Ali Gordon

The Wolf

T-Shirt – Religion     Denim jacket – Top Man      Watch – Hublot      Jeans – Zara     Boots – J-Shoes     Bag – Religion @ Ts2Menswear

A shopping trip to London was on the cards & boy was I excited. The feeling we get putting on some fresh kicks or a new item of clothing gives life to that confidence we all sometimes let slide. Ts2-Menswear made sure I was feeling good in myself, with an Extended length T & detailed side zip by Religion Clothing plus there new holdall bag to compliment I was set to hit the City. I can’t help but think of Leonardo Dicaprio when I read the lettering “Wall St” on my T-shirt but this is a good thing as the guy resembles everything a man should be, in real life that is, perhaps not the characters he plays in some of these Hollywood movies..