Ali Gordon


The world of bags is well…a mixed bag.

Another terrible pun! Sorry, but I’m going to use a lot more of these moving forward as they nicely lead into the topic I’m going to talk about.

Now whilst the above was a good (but questionable) pun it is accurate, in my opinion, for describing the world of bags. I think a lot of us can feel lost in this world so I thought I would make some notes here and write about what I’ve learned. 

There is so much choice out there and then there is the endless range of things to consider when purchasing before you think of price. There’s function, longevity, style, straps, comfort, colour. The questions can be asked: Does it match my outfits? Does it suit the purpose I will use it for? Will it last? Do I just like the way it’s branded or been advertised? Have I thought through whether I really need it?

What I’ve learnt is this, different bags have different functions and most bags are designed specifically for certain functions so move towards thinking longevity and purpose first. These are the primary focuses in my opinion and should take precedence over any others. There’s no point having a bag that looks great that you just can’t use because you don’t have the right situation to do so. Then in the same breath it’s pointless having something that doesn’t last in the function you use it. Whilst you may look great wearing a designer bag climbing Everest it’s not going to last long.

The point is longevity matters therefore really think hard on the purpose for the bag and start from there. Then look into what products have longevity and this can be through the materials used, through comfort, through the types of strapping/buckles, waterproof etc. If you are thinking of a bag say for popping away for city breaks then you won’t need to worry too much and the bags longevity in extreme conditions and you won’t need to worry about something overly large unless you pack like Lydia for a weekend away in which case I recommend something more similar in size to a van (please acknowledge the sarcasm).

Do also think about your personalised function. Depending on how you like to pack things. For example I prefer to keep things in my bag rather than in my pockets (probably shouldn’t say this) but therefore I pick bags with safe/hidden pockets as well as lots of functionable pockets for quick in and out access. For those of you that prefer to keep certain items on you (i.e. in jeans or jacket pockets) then these features are less important.

Finally think style, once you have worked out the purpose of the bag, assessed the longevity of products for that purpose and added some input on personalised function then you can think about what looks best. 

This order of thinking has become my preferred method for navigating  the world of bags and I appreciate it may not be right for everyone else but if you are looking for guidance in this area I hope the above has helped a little bit.

So I leave you with this…when buying a bag think of it as a functional tool first then a fashionable accessory second. This helps to avoid mass buying and leads to better long term choices at better value for money.


Stay safe

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