Ali Gordon

Tips to finding the perfect fitting Jacket

Today I wanted to run over a few simple steps that could save you buying a jacket that is to large or to small for you, we can take some simple steps to insure we purchase the best possible fit.

The Shoulder test

Once you have got the jacket on simple position yourself with the outside of your shoulder facing a wall, gently lean against the wall and monitor the connection, if the shoulder pad touches the surface and scrunches up before your shoulder makes contact the jacket is to large , here we are looking for the shoulder & shoulder pad to simultaneously strike the wall at almost the exact same time. The less the pad over hang the better

The Hug test 

The purpose of this test is to ensure the torso is comfortable & the seams are not bursting. Once the jacket is on again simply pretend you are going to give someone a big bear hug, if the jacket pulls really tight under the arms & you are going to tear the fabric and go all hulk mode then the jacket is to small, try the size up or an alternative brand.

The Length test

Knowing the right length for a jacket can be tricky, I find this really easy test a great guide to making sure the length is on point. Simply relax your arm by your side, position your hand as though you where going to grip a wheel barrow, your jackets tail should slot nicely into the crevice your fingers have made. Obviously if it’s crunched up then your to long and vice versa if you are sitting short then you may need to try the size up.

I hope you guys find this simple 3 step test helpful the next time you go shopping for suit jackets and blazers of the like, there is nothing more attractive than a well fitted outfit. Catch you next week, and make sure to leave any comments below if there are topics you would like me to cover on here. Thank you – AG

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The content was shot in the beautiful Thyme hotel – Cotswolds on the Olympus Pen E-PL7 – Here