Ali Gordon

Tips to keeping your wardrobe diverse

Keeping diversity within your wardrobe does no harm in my opinion, I understand that some of us wish to stick to a particular style of Fashion & continue that image throughout, however I personally enjoy playing around with looks. It gives more depth to your personalty & it can express how you feel on that particular day. Below I have listed a few categories in fashion I would recommend adding to your wardrobe (if you haven’t already).


The Iconic style which best reflects on a true Gentleman, I would strongly suggest that any man ensures they have a well tailored suit firmly positioned in there wardrobe. The colour and style of suit I would suggest selecting would have to be a solid navy or shade of grey, they both can be worn for business and social occasions holding a stylish modern look throughout. A simply two piece would be sufficient for your first purchase.

 Casual / Lounge wear 

It is important to have dress down days, when you have some time to relax and kick back for a little down time feeling comfortable should come hand in hand. However casual lounge wear can be dangerous, once you experience the pure comfort it gives you, you will struggle to diverse back to anything else, I have warned you. I do like my lounge wear to be well tailored slightly lowered crotch with tailored ankles make for a great fitting pair of joggers.

Street Style

As featured in this post, street style gives huge opportunities to express personalty & individual style, the options for street attire are endless in mens fashion and although this style is not for everyone I enjoy playing around with cool looks, it  keeps me feeling youthful and creates a whole new aspect to my wardrobe.


Focusing on uncluttered lines and formal balance classic fashion will show case simple effective styles that offer timeless pieces, I personally love classic style, the items are often of impeccable tailoring and good quality fabrics. Simple is effective and that is why classic fashion should be another aspect to your wardrobe.

Hope you guys enjoyed this weeks post, If you have any questions please drop a comment below & I will get back to you. Have a great day guys. – AG

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