Ali Gordon


How’s everyone feeling this week? I know I wouldn’t usually start off a post with a question like this but I’ve noticed that across January and February people seemed a bit low and then as we’ve moved into March people’s spirits seem to have been a little raised.

Now this is all a generalisation made off of a loose perception, however it seems like those extra hours of daylight and that slightly nicer weather (a few more sunnier days) can make all the difference.

I’ve read somewhere before that exposure to more sunlight increases the release of serotonin a hormone connected with boosting your mood. Now I’m no biology expert so I expect this to be a very limited understanding of the process that occurs but this distracts from the point. A bit of daylight goes a long way to helping our mood.

With lots of us working from home now, I think it can be forgotten that the commute to work, the journey, the exposure to daylight and the outdoors can be a lot more reduced than in the life we used to live.

As someone who works from home a lot, I can fall into a pattern where I shoot mostly inside and before I know it a few days have passed with shoots and editing and I haven’t left the house enough.

The impact is always the same, my mood slightly dips and energy levels comprimised.

I guess the reason I am writing about this (and I know I’ve covered this topic before) is because it is that time of year where we are coming out of the shorter days and there’s a bit more daylight. I’m doing this more as a reminder to myself that…a little daylight goes a long way.

Let’s get ourselves out and enjoy the environment around us. Morning walks have been one of the best introductions to my weekly routine and the energy it provides me is unreal.


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