Ali Gordon

Wrapping up warm this Winter

This year we are still to experience the bitter cold weather conditions here in the UK , I have to admit as much as the fresh air in winter feels so refreshing I am a creature of tropical conditions so I am certainly not complaining about this.

Whilst I spent some time in Switzerland with EMU Australia I certainly had a taste of winter,  Wrapping up warm is essential & for me layers are fundamental. Thermal underwear or a second skin are a must they won’t compromise your physique by creating a “Micheline man” look and are still able to offer layering which will keep your body temperature up. Gloves are also a must for me, the first body part to feel the cold are my hands they’re always exposed so I make sure they stay protected from the conditions, I have some black edition EMU gloves which are so thick and soft so I had no issues this year.

Lastly footwear, I would ordinarily suggest layering up with socks however this year I stumbled across some insanely comfortable thermal socks which I will link at the bottom of this post, they honestly changed the game for me and there is no need for any layering. In the featured outfit believe it or not I actually have no socks on and in the minus 1 conditions, simply the emu boots inner sheepskin lining which mould to the shape of your feet were enough to keep them warm and I teamed up the boots with some leg warmers. These boots are also waterproof which after treading through the snow & slushy surfaces just proved the quality of these boots. for more products and links please see below. – AG

Jacket – Jack Jones     Watch – Vector     T – Asos Menswear     Jeans – Zara     Boots – EMU Australia

Thermal socks – Heat Holders    Gloves – EMU Australia