Ali Gordon

Endurance training for the sunset relay

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Endurance training is designed to improve stamina, endurance, and overall performance. Athletes use it while they prepare for both long and short events. As an individual that focuses on body building my training technics are far more focused on short burst of energy creating large tension under the muscle to promote muscular growth, targeting fast twitch muscle fibres. When the chance to take part in the Sunset Relay was put across to me I new I would be stepping out of my comfort zone, I love a challenge and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try a different style of training.

So what changes did I make to improve my overall endurance? Firstly I increased the intensity in my weighted sessions, giving myself as little as 30seconds in-between sets to rest, I also combined my sessions with a LISS (Low Intensity steady state) style of cardio trying to work on my cardiovascular system. By putting my body under more regular activity will cause my heart to work harder more consistently creating better endurance over a prolonged period. This week I have increased my cardio levels trying to run at greater speeds for the same duration as previously mentioned, really trying to engage those slow twitch muscle fibres.

Being out in Mallorca has put its own twist into the mix the humidity is high and my body temperature increases so much faster than at home, Running down the gorgeous beach has made it a thousand times more enjoyable though I must say, I have been sensible, making sure I keep my skin protected in the blistering sun and staying as hydrated as possible during the runs, so I have a bottle of water with me at all times.

Aside from the training I have also altered my diet, last week I began to intake far more complex carbohydrates than previously. I’m going to be expelling far more calories than during my normal weighted sessions, so to make sure I keep my body fuelled I have increased my over all calorie intake. Leading up to the race I intend on keeping my diet consistent, fuelling off high quality complex carbohydrates & keeping well hydrated, nothing to drastic, the last thing I want to do is over fuel or under fuel my body.

We are less than half a week away from the Sunset Relay with Garnier Ambre Solarie and I am starting to get super excited to get involved, we intend on taking you guys on the journey with us so stay tuned & remember to follow the hash tag #Sunsetrelay.

This post is in collaboration with Garnier.