Ali Gordon


“Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood”

This quote, for me, couldn’t be more true. I find my mood and mindset slow if I don’t have some regular form of fitness running through my weekly structure. 

With it looking like we are going to be in a high tier and form of lockdown for some time with limited access to outside areas including gyms and fitness classes, I thought I would throw in a blog post about fitness and offer a specific routine that I find really useful. This routine works from home with nothing but a backpack (and some things to fill it with).

My Progressive Overload Backpack Workout:

Overview: This is circuit training. It’s six exercises, three rounds with 30 seconds on & 30 seconds rest between each individual exercise take a 2 min rest between each round. The progressive part is that you can increase the backpack weight per round.

Warm up (above): 10 mins total including any loosening movements. Think star jumps, high knees, jogging on the spot and as always if you know any part of your body that needs loosening before working out do this as well.

Exercise 1 (above): Close to wide grip push up (chest)

Exercise 2 (above): Jumping lunge squat variation (legs)

Exercise 3 (above): Elevated shoulder push ups (shoulder press)

Exercise 4 (above): Backpack tricep kick backs (triceps)

Exercise 5: Backpack Bicep Curl (Biceps)

Exercise 6 (above): Reverse Crunch (abs)

Exercise 7: Spider crunches (obliques)

Warm down: Stretch each targeted body part for 30 seconds and repeat two to three times

Hope this is useful for some of you and with anything fitness routine and consistency is the key. Keep going and keep pushing through.

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