Ali Gordon

RTD PhD Nutrition


You guys who have been following my social media channels for a while now will know that I represent the supplement company PhD-Nutrition UK, First off I just wanted to explain my reasons for sticking with this incredible company, The care & relations between myself and PhD is so good, there so professional and always go about there business in a fair honest manner, The brand it self is why I really love PhD they are like the Tom Ford of fitness supplements, Classy high quality and have a prestiges reputation, Certainly for the premium market and rightly so, there just a few reasons why I am so proud to be apart of this brand, and of course the taste … well that speaks for its self.

Now onto the Ready To Drink Diet whey shakes, PhD Nutrition launched this new range the other week & it yet again blew me away with how well they have nailed the product from the packaging the taste and even the convinence of a ready to drink whey protein. It comes in three delicious  flavours as pictured Banana, Chocolate and strawberry. Each fat free bottle contains up to 27g of protein and less than 160 calories, so if you are searching for a high protein dietary supplement that is fast easy and tastes like a treat be sure to give these a try if you get the chance. I have linked the products below as always, Have a great weekend people. РAG

PhD Nutrition UK – RTD Diet Whey