Ali Gordon

Sport Luxe

Tracksuit – Zion Fitness    Wrist Monitor – Polar      Bag – ASOS     Trainers – Nike Janoski Max SB
 Having the right tools for the job is essential. I am not implying that wearing sports wear will take you to the physique of an Adonis, However it will make working out more comfortable and give you the free range of motion that is so important, restrictive clothing can hinder exercises leading to failure in full engagement of the muscle. Whilst function is very important for me image does come into factor and i must say Zion Fitness have created a luxurious tracksuit that i totally fell in love with.
Now onto the foot wear of choice I personally have a collection of sports trainers depending on my training session ahead I tend to work towards Soft, compressible soles as they offer me more comfort overall, they were designed to absorb impact while running and jumping the janoski max pictured above are a great example. However if  I am heading in to train legs I move towards the hard non-compressible soles, To provide a completely stable surface under hundreds of pounds of pressure created by the weight of the load, look for a shoe with a hard, dense sole during these sessions you may even feel a larger engagement in the muscle during the movement.