Ali Gordon

Tea loving

It may have been noticed by some of you guys that I express my love on social media for the Tea brand Skinny me tea, not only do they offer a wide amazing range of tea blends they also offer detox diets to help aid weight loss by incorporating healthy changes into your lifestyle to help improve your health. There programmes are based around realistic ways to implement healthy lifestyle changes, personally my love for skinny me tea isn’t through running a detox program I genuinely love the taste & range they offer and in particular there Açai Tea, being a fitness fanatic eating healthy and sticking to an attainable diet program is just something I do anyway, my purpose is to grow lean muscle & stay relatively lean during the process, and this is where SMT comes into play. Dieting isn’t fun if your not creative with your nutrition and it doesn’t stop at food, for me I could quite easily grab a can of fizzy drink or reach out for a cold alcoholic beverage on a Friday night, which I do do occasionally, however on the whole I turn to alternatives and skinny me tea is the perfect alternative for me. As previously mentioned there Açai tea is my number one choice and not only does it stop me from reaching out for fizzy drinks and the likes it also provides my body with antioxidants and vitamin C to help keep me feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Health is a combination of so many things, nutrition, exercise, positivity and patience. You have to incorporate an element of each so working on a well rounded you is more important than looking for a quick fix. – AG

Tea – Skinny Me Tea